Hennig saddle trees...

are constantly developed further,
the special models NZT, ASP and MFT
offer an outstanding seating comfort


Multi Functional Tree

The 'breathing' saddle tree -
free moving points - allow the horse
a natural muscle play


On-site service

Probably the most attractive
and fastest way - how we
build your custom saddle

Custom work changes everything - the delicate difference

While standard 'made-to-measure' saddles are also built from prefabricated parts in very significant areas, all components of a Hennig made-to-measure saddle are individually handcrafted and are made exclusively in our local workshop.

Hennig saddle trees are individually manufactured by us in all parts according to measurements. We cast the body of the saddle tree from a plastic material that is specially manufactured for us and is extremely insensitive to temperature and adapted to the weight of the rider. The shape of the saddle tree and the type of girth are chosen according to the measurements of your horse..

Hennig gullet steels are neither stamped nor cast, but forged. And it is not enough for us to just vary the width of the gullet steel. Adjusting the length individually to the horse's withers, as well as widening the point ends in order to reduce the
pressure load, are the necessary prerequisites for a true made-to-measure saddle. Our patented MFT saddle tree even provides you with swinging, free-moving gullet flanks that allow muscle activity in the shoulder area without restriction. Our patented MFT saddle tree even offers you swinging, free-moving points that allow muscle activity in the shoulder area without restriction.

The Hennig special models NZT, ASP and MFT offer unmatched seating comfort. In the area of the ischial tuberosities and the pubic bone, the hard surface of the saddle tree is cut out and replaced by a special foam filling. The patented division and widening of the saddle tree in the back third is developed by us, to make it possible to interrupt the pressure axis that arises during horse riding.
Weight and pressure are thus only transferred in the desired cross-buttock axis.
We thus achieve a back-friendly riding experience for both horse and rider and the possibility of significantly improved aids.

The padding of a Hennig saddle is made by using the sandwich method. The side lying directly on the horse is filled with a moisture-repellent latex foam. Towards the saddle tree we use wool, and thus achieve a high level of overall suspension comfort.

Hennig saddles and all our accessories are made exclusively from leather tanned especially for us, with a high fat content. The color of your new saddle, or the desired accessories is of course entirely up to you.

Take advantage of our "on-site service". Come to us and choose "your" leather at your ease. Feel the flexibility and grip of this exquisite material. Smell and enjoy the idea of being able to personally put together your saddle with all its components individually. We will then build your saddle within a week. And of course you can watch us at work. We are looking forward to meeting you!

At this point we would like to point out the following::

Hennig saddles are only "pre-filled" for delivery.Only under the rider, on the horse, in motion, do we complete your saddle with the final padding upon final delivery. This is the only way we can ensure that you can assume your desired sitting position and that the padding is softer than your horse's muscles.

If you use our "on-site service", we will do this together with you at our own equestrian center.

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