Hennig Rehabilitation Service

Keeping, training, equipment, physique, psyche, feed, teeth and hooves have a direct influence on the health and resilience of the horse.


Hennig Saddlery

With innovative research
on horses we set
new standards
in the saddlery trade


Hennig Riding Stable

A well-kept ambience with beautiful outdoor facilities and species-appropriate horse husbandry are the strongest attributes of our horse boarding facility.

Exclusive custom-made saddles from master craftsman

Since the foundation of our saddlery in 1986, the individual needs of horse and rider have been the focus of our work.

Since then we have been creating milestones in the saddlery handcraft with innovative research on the horse.
Initially ridiculed by competitors, our developments set the standards in today's saddlery trade.

Horse-friendly - that is our motto. A Hennig made-to-measure saddle is the link in the communication between horse and rider. If you expect high performance from your horse, you should give it the best possible support in its exterieur and performance level.


Why we do things differently...

Equestrian sport is something for people who follow a passion. People who are dedicated to an engagement that requires a lot of time, money and tolerance. Riding is a constant journey and never finished. There is always something to improve and learn.

The problems caused by an incorrect, not optimally fitted saddle are only too well known to every ambitious rider.

A "part-size" saddle usually consists of ready-made components that are often only marginally modifiable. Not to mention a ready-made saddle.

So it's not enough to take measurements, you also have to be able to really change all the parts to avoid compromises.

That's why we don't use off-the-shelf components. All parts of a Hennig saddle are custom-made. Especially our gullets in the saddle tree can be adjusted to create the optimal fit for horse and rider.

The professional riding facility we operate and a rehabilitation station run with the most modern therapeutic equipment and specialists are our "test laboratory" for this. Here, every change and new development is extensively tested, checked, discarded and improved. Only in constant cooperation with riding professionals, doctors, osteopaths, therapists and caretakers in everyday life, and of course the horses, can solutions emerge that are real improvements and assistance.

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Your Saddlery Hennig team.